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Monitoring academic progress and exclusion

Have you received a text message or email from the University, advising you of unsatisfactory academic progress?

Don't panic. We are here to help. 

Step 1: Understanding policy

Familiarise yourself with the relevant Universities policies and proceedures and what each MAP stage means. The information is linked below: 


Step 2: Understanding time-frames

It is extremely important that you make note of due date the University has set for your appeal submission. Our Advocacy Officer will also need this information at the intake interview or interview if you are seeking our support.If you are managing your own appeal, please put this due date in your phone/diary as a reminder. It can be an overwhelming experience gathering your supporting documents and this date can slip past easily if you are not mindful of it. If you are making an appointment with the Advocacy service, please be aware that appointments fill quickly during end of year appeals. Please make an appointment as soon as you can to ensure your submission is managed within your time frame.


Step 3: Making an appointment

Contact us via or phone during office hours on 5456 3742. 


If you are enrolled at one of USC’s regional campuses; South Bank, Gympie or Fraser Coast, you can make an appointment over the phone or via email (we can manage your case via email and phone). If you are required to attend an interview after your submission has been considered, one of the Student Guild Advocates can attend with you as your support person at your request.


If you have a MAP 1 and/or MAP 2 Academic Improvement Plan, it is importantthat you bring this to your advocacy appointment.

Step 4: Preparing your supporting documents

If you have been notified that you are at MAP Stage 3 and are facing exclusion, you will be asked to show cause. 

Because your academic progress has fallen below what is required by USC Standards. the University requires you to provide supporting documentation that demonstrates the cause of the issues and the steps you are taking to remedy the situation. In the email or text message you recieved, you may have been asked to fill out a Show Cause form online.

This Student Guild kit provides examples of the type of supporting documents you may be able to provide, lists of helpful support services as well as templates to aid you in your appeal. We can help you through the process. 

Contact us via or phone during office hours on 5456 3742. 

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