DIY Workshop 2: Crystal Jewellery

I am far from the most crafty person in the world, however, despite this I attended the crystal necklace DIY workshop run by USC Student Guild.

To my surprise, I actually understood Emily’s instructions and was she was very patient with my lack of ability do anything craft related. Emily was even kind enough to make sure I got the only amethyst crystal left which was awesome. I did end up with something that didn’t quite resemble the professional efforts of Emily and even looked weirder than some of the more craft adept students in the class, but my friend who I made the necklace for in the first place seemed to love it just the same. She even asked me if I remembered how to make them and wants me to show her. I confidently assured her that, yes, I could show her which is an indicator of Emily’s excellent teaching ability.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, learning, laughing and connecting with everyone that came along and can’t wait for the next workshop to again have some laughs, learn some new stuff and hone my not so great craft skills.

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