DIY Workshop One: Macrame Masters

March 2, 2017

It has been a long-term dream of mine to bring skills-based workshops to students with a variety of quirky, interesting and engaging topics. This semester we have done it! 


Every second Thursday night from 5pm to 7pm, students will be offered a FREE two hour workshop, hosted by skilled student's themselves. Non-students are invited at a small $5.00 fee. 


To kick off the Semester, the very talented Kelsey took us on a knotting journey to create our very own plant hanger!


The ancient technique of knotting has been used for centuries by various cultures to craft such things as fishing nets, carry bags, tools etc. During the 70`s macramé become a well known technique used for decorative purposes. Fast forwarding to current day, modern macramé has evolved into society once again thriving together with the bohemian style, not only for decorative art inside homes, but, also now used in boho weddings.


We received large amounts of postive feedback from students and look forward to revealing the topic for DIY Workshop II.